Why should I get a massage?

Getting a professional massage improves your health and well being.  Having a massage helps to release muscle tension, improve circulation, reduce the effects of stress, and can even alleviate pain.

Massage therapy is also used to compliment medical doctors and chiropractic treatments in aiding to speed recovery from injuries, and also helps problems associated with postural dysfunction, and in conjunction with activities such as yoga, Pilates and weight training.

People who get a massage do so because they are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, experiencing new methods of relaxation or alleviating the stress, aches, and pains that are a part of everyday life. The benefits of therapeutic massage are widely recognized.

Why choose us?  We have highly trained massage therapists to work with you and help you get back to your active lifestyle and can help you maintain it.  When choosing a massage therapist in Wake Forest, come to the best!


Which massage style is right for me? 

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Each client is different and at the beginning of each session we do a brief consultation. We will help determine the type of massage therapy required to meet your particular needs. Whether you prefer one specific style of massage or a combination of different treatments, personalizing each session is an important part of attaining the best massage possible.

You can choose to relax with a basic Swedish massage or you may prefer a much more specific focus such as Deep Tissue massage. One day you may find that you want to experiment with a new massage style, while another day you will simply ask for your favorite and enjoy.

​What if this is my first massage, what should I expect?

Before the massage begins, there is normally a bit of paperwork to fill out concerning your health history and personal preferences. You should then take some time to talk about any specific aches, pains, or tight muscles you may have. This is also a good time to mention any questions, concerns, or specific requests to your massage therapist. After a brief consultation, your massage will be tailored to address your specific needs.

During one massage, you may want to simply relax and drift away while in another session you may prefer to focus on tight areas, sore muscles or even a recent injury. Each session will incorporate the styles of massage that you want to experience.

You will then be left alone to undress to your level of comfort, get on the massage table, and lay down under a large sheet to cover your body until the massage begins. When you are ready, the massage therapist will come back to start the session.  Feel free to let us know if we need to change pressure or the type of massage we are doing.

Why do I need to drink water after a massage?

Our body tends to build up metabolic waste and various toxins that get trapped and stored in-between the soft tissue areas. These toxins are often pushed into the blood stream and the lymphatic system during a massage.

If you drink a lot of water, then most of it will be flushed out of the body as waste or broken down into usable elements. But if you don't drink enough water, those toxins will simply resettle within your body as internal waste once again. Be sure that you drink at least 2 eight ounce glasses of water after your massage.

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