Massage Rates

Regular Rates

30 minute massage       $45.00
60 minute massage       $75.00
90 minute massage     $105.00
Monthly Membership Rates
30 minute massage       $65.00 
         (consists of two 30 min sessions)
60 minute massage       $55.00
90 minute massage       $85.00
*Membership rates cannot be used for workers compensation claims or medical referrals.  Please note that the State of North Carolina does not allow massage therapy offices to file insurance claims other than workers compensation cases. 
**An extra visit means that you have been in for your scheduled monthly massage (or 2 for 1/2 hour sessions) and would like to come in for an additional visit.  (Pricing is for members only.)  If you are a member, your immediate family is automatically qualified to get a reduced rate for every session they schedule. 
Remember, if you miss a month under the membership program, you don't lose it as in other membership programs.  Your missed session can be used another month. 
Membership payment are collected each month via a bank draft or credit credit card (Flexible spending cards cannot be used for auto payment on membership program).
Please note that each membership is for one person and cannot be shared among friends or family.  If you have an immediate family member that wants to come in on occasion, we will offer them a reduced rate.  Or if you are a member and wish to by a gift certificate for someone, you are qualified to get a reduced member rate for that gift certificate.  Our gift certificates do not expire!
You can order gift certificates are available online, or over the phone.  Call for details. 

Pre-paid Session Rates

If you would rather purchase sessions in bulk instead of being locked into a membership, below are the rates.    Pre-paid sessions you purchased cannot be shared and are non-refundable.  Call for more information.

Bulk Rate Pricing

6 pkg - 30 minute massage      $251.00
12 pkg - 30 minute massage    $464.00
24 pkg - 30 minute massage    $854.00
3 pkg - 60 minute massage      $210.00
6 pkg - 60 minute massage      $390.00
12 pkg - 60 minute massage    $720.00

Gift Certificate Rates

Regular Rates

30 minute massage      $45.00
60 minute massage      $75.00
90 minute massage     $105.00
Membership Rates
30 minute massage      $40.00 
60 minute massage      $60.00
90 minute massage      $90.00

Do you have one of those friends that is so hard to buy a gift for?  Well, give them the gift of relaxation  by giving them a Carolina Massage Gift Certificate.  Call for more information.
We don't charge different rates for the different types of massages that we offer We only charge by the length of the session, so if you want to break up your session and have two different types of massages, we can accommodate that.
Also, all of our session are for the full time charged.  You get the full 30, 60, or 90 minute massages, even if you are a new client.

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fax:  919.882.1141

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